Established in 2006 in Bahrain, Intercare offers you a unique range of cookware that boasts unmatched hygiene, ease in cooking and best of all, cooking that requires no water or oil. It is a healthy and hygienic cookware alternative to suit all kinds of cuisine, be it Arabic, Continental, Indian or Chinese.

What sets apart Intercare cookware is not just its stylish looks, but what goes into its making. The cookware base is made up of a secret blend of metals that easily conduct and sustain heat to ensure fast, even and efficient cooking. This in turn helps retain all the nutrients in your food, so you and your loved ones can enjoy highly nutritious food at all times.

Produced in Italy, each cookware is manufactured using the best of materials to retain its classy looks and high quality for years and years.

In Bahrain, thousands of families are experiencing the benefits of Intercare cookware and our customers have been very staunch supporters and promoters of the product by spreading the word of Intercare excellence and healthy benefits among their families and friends.

In keeping with our mission of caring and helping you improve your health through healthy eating, we aim to foray into Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and India in the near future. 

Intercare products are at present not available in any stores in Bahrain as we believe in personalized direct sales. This helps us develop a friendly trustworthy relationship with each of our customers and helps our customers understand the benefits of using Intercare cookware.
Mrs. Alia Almoayed
Expert Nutritional Therapist and Author of
"I want healthy kids"
“I have been looking for good-quality cookware for many years and I have finally found it through Intercare.  The stainless steel pots and pans are fantastic for cooking healthy dishes while preserving all the nutrients and the taste.  I found them extremely easy to use and Ilove how they are also economical and environm-entally friendly as they use a lot less water and gas.  And the best part: they cook food a lot quicker than conventional methods.  If you are serious about your health and keen on offering yourself and your family delicious food with all its retained goodness, then the Intercare cookware is a must in your household.  Definitely worth the investment.”  Alia Almoayed
Our trained sales consultants visit residences to conduct live presentations and cooking demonstrations and if you wish to have a live demonstration of the benefits of using Intercare cookware in your homecontact us on
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